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Adding videos to your site pages is easy using the Video module. Once you drag the video module into place, click on the placeholder that says “Double click to change your video.”

This will launch a pop-up to select a video source. Here, you have three options:

My Videos
With the “My Videos” you can select from previously-uploaded videos or upload a new one. Keep in mind with this option, you’ll video will have to encode in order to play on your published website. Encoding time can vary based on file type and the size of the video.
There are two ways to add Youtube videos. You can type the title or keywords of the video you want to add in the search field to bring up a selection of videos to choose from. If you already know the Youtube link, you can paste the Youtube link into the search field to bring up a specific video.

Embed Code
With the "Embed Code" option you can add your own embed code to your page. Embed code is provided from video sites like Vimeo and Veoh. Keep in mind you may need to make some adjustments to the code to optimize how it appears. Most embed code providers will give you options like size and auto play when creating the code.

Frameborder and Alignment Options
You can use the Video module toolbar to add decorative frameborders to your video. You can also align your videos left, right and center of the module.