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Click here to edit subtitle

Title Module

On the main area of your future website you will first see an area indicated with blue dotted line with the text “drop a module here.” This is the area where you must first drag your modules to begin the website building process.

Use your mouse to drag and drop the title module to create the section header title. To know that you are placing your title module to the right section of the website, the area indicated by the blue dotted line will briefly turn blue to indicate you can release the module into place. 

Once you have inserted your title module, the section will update with a placeholder for your title with a prompt to "click here to edit title." This prompt will become your title.
Click the prompt and fill in the name of the page. You can format the look and feel of your title using the toolbar that will appear at the very top of the Site Builder. 
Title Formatting Tools

When applying any formatting, make sure you highlight the title with your mouse. Changes will not apply if the text is not highlighted.

QUICK TIP: To help you make a great-looking website, every theme comes with a default font for titles. However you are free to change this easily using the drop-down font options. Keep in mind that fonts for titles are more decorative than the fonts available for the main body text of your pages. 

Other title formatting options available via the formatting toolbar include:

icon picker: icons are small design elements and symbols that enhance your titles
color: change the color of highlighted text
increase/decrease: change the title font size
bold, italic, underline and strikethrough: apply standard styling to your text
alignment buttons: align your title left, right or center
clear: this will undo any formatting changes
link: link the highlighted text to a URL, creating a hyperlink

Once you're done creating and editing your title, click on any area within the editor to hide the toolbar once again.