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The Carousel

An empty carousel will appear in the banner area of your page layout with a message that says "Double Click to add a Background image to your Carousel." 
Double-clicking the placeholder will launch the image browser. Similar to the image module, you can select from uploaded images, free images via Flickr, upload a new image or paste the link to an image that is already hosted. 

Carousel Controls

Once you have your first image in place, you can use the slider controls to zoom in and out. You can also use your mouse to fit the image.
The toolbar at the bottom of the carousel controls how it looks and functions (plays). 

  • The blue, numbered buttons allow you to toggle through the images you've added yto your carousel.
  • The plus button allows you add more images. 
  • The red trashcan button allows you to remove an image from the carousel. 
  • You can turn text and titles on and off using the toggle button options. When you're editing text or titles, a text-formatting toolbar will appear at the top of the Site Builder. 
  • The carousel settings button allows you to change the transition style and speed, and set auto-play.