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Webs SiteBuilder Knowledge Base

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Image Modules
Once you upload your image, our system will automatically center the image in the module you selected. You can change this orientation using the alignment tools at the top of the Site Builder.

Use the handles on the corners and sides of the image to resize. You can zoom in and out using the slider at the bottom of the image editor. You can also use your mouse to move your picture around inside of the frame.

The editor is intuitive enough to retain the correct aspect ratio so that an image is never stretched out of proportion.

Linking Images
You can easily turn your image into a hyperlink by clicking the "link" button at the top of the Site Builder  using the image formatting toolbar. Image link options are:

  • My Pages: Create an easy link to one of your site's pages
  • Webpage: Link to an external website
  • Email: Create a link to an email address
  • File: Link to one of your site's files
  • Lightbox: Create an enhanced link to a full screen version of the image
Image & Text

If you want to wrap text around an image, use the “image & text” module.

The image will default to the right but you can use the image alignment buttons at the top of the Site Builder to align the image to the left or the center.