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Webs SiteBuilder Knowledge Base

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All About Modules

Modules are ready-made elements you can add to your website. In the Site Builder they are located along the bottom section we call the "Dock". Modules allow you to easily populate your site with text and images as well as dynamic content like videos.
When working with a blank page, you'll see prompts in one or more areas (depending on the layout and theme you've chosen) to "drop a module here." Using your computer's mouse, you can select from a group of modules at the bottom of the screen and drag them into place. The prompt will only appear for the first time to get you started. 

Module Categories

Modules are organized into five categories that can be viewed by clicking on the tabs just under the icons:

  • General: These are the modules you'll be using the most to fill your site with general content like text and images. 
  • Layout: These modules are used to create columns and add custom HTML.
  • Social: You can use these modules to enhance your site with social networking features like Twitter and Facebook.
  • Commerce: Modules that allow you to add eCommerce options such as  PayPal and Google Checkout buttons to. 
  • App Feeds: These are feed modules that coincide with the applications you have installed on your site. Modules for App Feeds will not appear until you start publishing using the associated application.